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2021-23 Music in Action Program

Our second set of Music in Action performances are complete!

The Richard Wagner Society of the Upper Midwest conceived the Music in Action program in June, 2020. The initial objective of the Music in Action program was “to provide financial support for local musicians while addressing the greater need for hope, healing, and community exposed by the killing of George Floyd.” We awarded grants to two local vocalists. They produced exceptional, innovative, and very personally meaningful musical performances. Read more about the first program here and watch the performances.

Program Objectives

While the immediate shock of the George Floyd tragedy is now in the past, we still live in turbulent times and emerging artists still need our support. We have updated the Music in Action program objectives accordingly:

  • Support emerging vocalists with grant funding and audience exposure as they develop their careers.
  • Bring an understanding and appreciation of Richard Wagner’s art to a broader audience.
  • Encourage the performance of operatic and art song pieces from any era that speak to current social, political and/or cultural issues.
  • Celebrate inclusiveness through program and performer selection.

Grantees and Performances

Three grantees were selected in late 2021. Their performances were originally planned for 2022, but were delayed to 2023 due primarily to the untimely passing of Michael Ruppert, RWSUM President and Music in Action Program Coordinator.

The grantees and their performances are:

Siena Forest, pre-recorded and premiered online on Saturday January 28, 2023. Event details here.

Megan Wagner Floan, live at Ultan Hall, U of M School of Music on Tuesday Feb 21, 2023.  Event details here.

Sahar Hassan, pre-recorded and premiered online on Saturday April 1, 2023. Event details here.

Recordings of all performances can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Thank You, Donors!

Matching Fund Contributors:

Renate Sharp and Don Notvik,

Music in Action Founding Sponsors,

In Honor of Dr. David Cline

Meg & Steve Blake

Dr. David Cline

Jim Richardson & Dorothy Horns

Michael J Ruppert, in Honor of Jim Richardson

Jerry Swenson

Members and Friends:

Betty Andrews

Anonymous, in Honor of Dr. David Cline

Anonymous, in Honor of Hans Hotter

Anonymous, in Honor of Michael Ruppert

James Ashe

Mark Campbell

Brad Clark

Vicky Cook

Tim Counts

Jeremy Geaga

Marylee Guerrero

Rick Johnson

David Mayo

Michelle Ruppert

Laura Turner

Hilan Warshaw

Kevin Winge, in Honor of Michael Ruppert

P. Hauoli’ipo Wright

Plus Four Additional Anonymous Donors

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