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One of the most exciting experiences for any Wagnerian is a trip to the Summer Wagner Festival in Bayreuth.


"The best way to get tickets to Bayreuth is to become active in your local Wagner Society." Frederic Spotts: Bayreuth - a History of the Wagner Festival

Everyone says that it is impossible to get Bayreuth tickets or that you have to wait decades. NOT TRUE! The Richard Wagner Society of the Upper Midwest is recognized by the Bayreuth Festival, and usually receives blocks of tickets to sell to our members. In recent years, groups of up to10 members have been able to attend the Festival together. Tickets are offered to members based on a system of rotation designed to allow each member an equal opportunity to make the Bayreuth “pilgrimage.”

Bayreuth Ticket Rules

  • Current membership is a prerequisite.

  • Only one ticket request per membership.

  • All ticket requests must be specific and in writing.

  • When Bayreuth provides us with the number and prices of tickets, we will inform members. Upon notification of ticket availability, full payment to the society is required within two weeks.

  • Ticket invoices include a 10% surcharge to cover expenses, which is a tax deductible contribution to the Society.

  • If a ticket holder is unable to attend, the Society must be informed and the tickets returned immediately. A refund (less the surcharge) will be made once the tickets have been reassigned. This requirement is imposed on the Society by the Bayreuther Festspiele Kartenbüro.

  • Travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the member.

Should we receive fewer tickets than requested, then these additional rules apply:

  •  Tickets will be offered first to those with highest Bayreuth priority. Bayreuth priority is based on a rotating system affording every member a chance to attend the Festival. A list is maintained, initially constructed by listing members in the order of joining the society.

  •  When new members join, their names are added to the end. As members accept Bayreuth tickets, their names are placed at the end of the list, after those joining that year.

  •   Members not receiving tickets will have the option being placed on a waiting list.